Towards the insect economy

Insects provide a promising new resource for the whole food chain including applications in human food and animal feeds. Novel insect economy offers a sustainable solution for many grand challenges in the food production, however work is needed to fully utilize this potential. Some of the current challenges are consumer acceptance, placing insects in food regulatory systems and reaching the level of continuous development.

The Insects in the Food Chain project (2015-2017) aims to enable the growth of insect economy in Finland. The research by UTU predicts the changes in consumer attitudes towards the insect foods, global legislation and potential in among the food industry. The second half of the project (Luke) explores the various industrial scale side streams as insect feed, as well as performs trials of insect protein ingredient as the feed for poultry and fish.



University of Turku
Project Leader Jaakko Korpela

Project funding

  • Tekes Finnish Agency for Innovation & project partners

Project partners

  • University of Turku (UTU) – Functional Foods Forum and School of Economics
  • Natural Resources Institute of Finland (Luke)
  • Biotus
  • EntoCube
  • Nordic INsect Economy/Clewer Technology
  • Gala Mare
  • HKScan
  • Kronfågel and RaisioArgo/Leader Foods and Saarioinen


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