Development of a module for treatment of one ton food waste per day – using black soldier fly.

This project introduces an alternative to the traditional treatments of biodegradable waste – fly larvae composting. During the treatment the waste is converted into compost and larval biomass. Larvae biomass contains high amounts of protein and fat that can be used in animal feed. This enables a nutrient cycles without passing through the field. The laboratory system has 10 kg of waste converted to 2 kg larval biomass, which contains 0.35 kg crude protein and has a value of approximately SEK 10. The project aims to scale up laboratory system to full scale with modules that deal up to a ton incoming waste per day. The project will take treatment technology from TRL 4 (laboratory scale) to TRL7 (testing of full-scale prototype). It evaluated the system’s performance and safety, from production of fly eggs and waste into feed and compost.



Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Project Leader: Björn Vinnerås

Tel: +46705521521

Project funding

  • Swedish EPA Program (1.5 MSEK)
  • Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö co-financing (3MSEK)

Project partners

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Department of Energy & Technology
  • Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö
  • Mälardalen University


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