National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES)

Erik-Jan Lock, network coordinator
Erik-Jan Lock has a background in fish nutrition and has been working on various projects related to the use of insect-based ingredients in fish feed since 2011

Anne-Katrine Lundebye
Anne-Katrine Lundebye’s field of interest is feed and food safety, and she is involved in risk assessment in these fields. Her research includes toxicokinetics and dynamics of contaminants in the marine food chain, including fish- and mammalian toxicology

Marc Berntssen
Marc Berntssen’s field of interest is feed contaminants in novel salmon feeds and authenticity of processed animal proteins (incl insects) in aquafeed ingredients. His research includes wide-scope feed contaminants screening, fish toxicology, and dietary contaminant feed-to-fish transfer (food safety)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Åshild Krogdahl

Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)

Ivar Pettersen

The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF)

Jorunn Skjermo


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Maud Langton

Rikard Landberg

Björn Vinnerås

Rise Research Institutes Of Sweden

Finn Englund

Stig Bardage

Johan Berg

Karin Wendin


Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

Lars Lau Heckmann

Anne Louise Nielsen

University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

Jørgen Eilenberg

Nanna Roos

Michael Bom Frøst

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Dorte Lau Baggesen

Dorte has for years collaborated with the authorities concerning the scientific advice on microbial food safety issues provided by her department. Forte has also been engaged in the EFSA “Risk profile of insects as food and feed”

Annette Nygaard Jensen

Annette has been working on various projects about transmission of zoonotic bacteria in the primary production from a food safety perspective, incl. the role of housefly as a vector for campylobacter transfer

Aarhus University (AU)

Joachim Offenberg


University of Turku (UTU)

Jaakko Korpela

Natural Resources Institute Finland

Hilkka Siljander-Rasi

Pertti Marnila