The second NICE seminar in Turku had focus on insects throughout the food chain.

Insect industry, along with its applications as animal feed and human food is currently developing fast all over the Nordics. The event in Turky (Finland), on the 29th August 2017, has got together nearly 100 stakeholders from academics to entrepreneurs to share their latest development in the field. While some differences among the countries are obvious, it is visible that the growing insect economy is an attractive solution in building more sustainable food systems. Coupled with pricniples of the circular conomy, it also beats opportunities along the whole food chain.

NICE is a network of stakeholders within the insect industry in Nordic countries, funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The network will organize five seminars over a period of three years, which will take place in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Outputs from the seminar:

Plenary session:

Insects in foods:

Insects in animal feeds: